This summer Pía performed in the Spanish premiere of Annie Ryan's adaptation of A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing , originally the debut novel under the same name by Irish writer Eimear McBride.


Directed by Juan Pablo Miranda, and first project launched by DOLORES, this one-woman-show was presented at the contemporary museum of art Museo Tamayo. It will start touring in both Europe and Mexico in 2020.

"Pía Laborde-Noguez constructs her character with absolute knowledge of cause; she has studied, assimilated and exhibits it with the full arsenal of resources that her vocation and academic formation provide... An organic artist, with a strength and malleability that allows her to transition from one mood to another with coherent ease in spite of the self-destructive tendencies of her character. Her tour-de-force in A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing anticipates all she can create on stage. Her presence is a breath of fresh air challenging Mexican dramaturgy."

By Enrique R. Mirabal in Interescena

"Pía has put on a great performance... reaching an apogee here and now: splendid, in possession of the speech of each of the story's characters that we know fro the mouth of those who conform it, with a rich language, innovating and experimental that implies what they are feeling, becoming a model of contemporary theatre."

By Martín Casillas de Alba in El Informador

Artwork and photography by Urte Janus

Graphic Design by Richard Bakes

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